Is your business ready for an ERP system? 5 signs to watch out for

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Customer service today is a challenge for any business. From Asian or other manufacturers to Australian, European, or US-based retail chains, even established businesses tell us it's increasingly difficult to keep their customers happy these days.

Customers want to know where their goods are and when they can expect them. However, it may be difficult for the business’s staff to easily find that information with so many resources stretched. This bottleneck is specifically concentrated on businesses experiencing rapid growth because there is no budget for new technologies.

You may be inclined to direct your limited financial resources where they will be of most benefit, what do you think that would mean?

If you’re keen to deliver top-notch services, gain a competitive edge and do business better, it’s smart to direct your limited financial resources where they will be of most benefit.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is designed to streamline and automate your company’s interactions with its customers, suppliers and financial resources.

But how do you know if your business is ready to make this change?

Here are five signs you might be ready for an ERP system to help streamline your business.

  1. Your company uses multiple systems that are not integrated

    If you are struggling to navigate the many different systems that keep your company running, odds are you’re not alone. Most companies operate with multiple systems all working in harmony to make sure everything is done on time and accurately.

    Which is fine, if all these systems can work together seamlessly.

    Unfortunately, the reality is that your systems don’t talk to each other. When you can’t share information across systems, employees lose time double-handling information and re-entering data.

    An ERP can integrate systems, so they run on a single database. With access to a single source of up-to-date information, your employees can make more informed decisions and focus on value-adding tasks.

  2. You’re spending more time finding information

    There’s a lot of frustration when doing manual calculations for the number of customers that come in each day or getting frustrated with incomplete paperwork on a regular basis. Most business owners don’t have time to be slow.

    If you struggle to find information when you need it the most, an ERP solution can help.

    Looking for last month’s sales margins? Need a customer’s full transaction history while on a call with them?

    ERP systems provide this information instantly.

    An ERP system streamlines business, making it easier to stay organized and perform well. Together with data access, customized dashboards, touchpoints and user security as a priority for your company, staying on top of every aspect of your business will be a breeze.

    It’s too easy to neglect the importance of an ERP system in today’s dynamic and ever-changing world, but it is crucial for success.

  3. Your accounts and reports take more time every month

    What do you think the total time lost processing different invoices and orders manually in whatever systems currently exist? What about reporting your finances to stakeholders via a variety of spreadsheets throughout the year?

    The ERP software can handle tasks that require hours of work and do them in just seconds.

    You could say goodbye to the multitude of headaches that come with managing and monitoring your financial data requirements such as:

    • manually inputting data
    • Checking information across different systems
    • Correcting and re-entering data
    • Scraping data and copy into other systems.

    Implementing a new ERP system will help your company become more productive and reduce frustration for your team.

  4. Not knowing how much stock you have and where it is

    To get inventory management right, is critical for a smooth-running operation. You don’t want to over-stock, but you also don’t want to run out. This can be difficult if you run multiple systems that don’t speak the language of each other.

    ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) gives managers a view related to sales, inventory and shipments while allowing them access to the data they need, in real time.

    You’ll feel a lot more confident that your products are available, and inventory is up-to-date with an ERP system in place.

  5. You don’t know how many different IT systems you operate

    You have a busy business. Resources are scarce. Most small to medium businesses don’t have time to focus on their IT infrastructure. If you’re running multiple software systems, it can be expensive or time-consuming to keep the software up-to-date and patched up.

    ERP systems can make your business more efficient, so you respond to changing business needs quickly.

    ERP providers are excellent at keeping up with your businesses growing complexity in a way that no other software or technology company could. They manage all updates and upgrade functionality as needed, while providing access to your business anywhere, any time and from any device.

In Conclusion

ERP systems can help you automate your workflow and integrate data from all of your business software. That way, everyone has the right information to make meaningful decisions-right away.

If any part of this sounds like a problem for your company, it may be time to consider an ERP system as a solution.

Still not sure?

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