5 Reasons Why Companies Need an ERP system

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You might have heard of ERP systems, but what exactly are they? What do they do and why is it important for your company to own one? If you've been wondering about these questions, don't worry! We're here to answer them.

An ERP system stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It’s a set of software tools that helps manage the data and resources in an organization by automating and connecting various processes like financials, planning, manufacturing, or human resource management.

Companies use ERPs because it’s much more than just a database; it’s a complete solution that offers many benefits such as increased data visibility with instant access to information on both operational and strategic levels. With this type of visibility comes better decision-making and more efficient processes.

The benefits of an ERP system are endless, but here are 5 reasons we have identified as main reasons why companies need one:

  1. Software Standardization
    With an unmanaged system, various business processes within an organization use disparate applications to manage similar operations.  For example, a company may use one software to manage their financials and another for human resources. This can lead not only to inefficiencies but also to data discrepancies which are difficult or impossible to manage without manual intervention-which is time-consuming at best!With an ERP system, all of these processes will be managed by the same application which means standardization of your business operations across departments without the need to manually intervene on any level; this leads to our next point: increased visibility through real-time information from both operational – as well strategic levels.
  2. Increased Visibility and Faster Response Times
    An ERP system will provide you with instant access to information on both operational and strategic levels. This means that if there is a problem in the production line for example, it will be visible the minute it happens because all of your data points are automatically updated by one application! Without an integrated solution like this problems may not be detected until they have already occurred, which could lead to costly mistakes or even worse: irreversible damage done before anyone has time to react…
  3. Improve Accounting and Financial Reporting
    Managing your company’s finances is important for a successful future of your company, but as it grows it becomes increasingly difficult for managers and owners to keep track of their work’s expenses and financial gains. Manual data entry can significantly hamper your efficiency and lead to errors, which can be costly in the long run.An ERP system will allow you and your team members to access all of this information at anytime from anywhere with an internet connection; it also offers a variety of features that are specifically designed for accounting needs such as reporting tools or financial analysis modules.
  4. Security and Regulatory Compliance
    Most companies understand the importance of an integrated ERP system in terms of controlling complicated back-office operations and making sure sensitive data is protected. An ERP system can help you avoid fines, penalties, or other legal repercussions by ensuring your company has the proper security measures put into place to protect customer information from hackers when it’s being inputted as well as during transmission of any kind (e-mailing a spreadsheet for example).
  5. Mobility and Flexibility
    If the COVID situation has taught us anything, it is that remote access to all your critical information is a must. An ERP system can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, and from any device. This means that you’re never out of reach when it comes to your company’s data – no matter where in the world you are located! It also allows for more flexibility with employees who may need access while they travel abroad, as long as there is an internet connection available they can access the system.

In Conclusion

As your company continues to grow, it is important to leverage technology that allows you to grow as fast as you want without having to worry about the number of users on the system or how much data storage you have left. With an ERP system from Acumatica we will worry about the systems and processes so you can focus on your clients.

To help you understand what is important in an ERP system for your company, download the ERP checklist here
or contact us for a free introduction call or demo here.


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